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About Us

A Fourth Generation Family Pizzeria


The original Pizza Kwik opened in 1969 on Jefferson City, Missouri's Eastside. Pizza Kwik soon became a local favorite, featuring original recipes and top quality ingredients.  Customers were family, and Bob's motto was to live every day like it was Saturday night!!  Bob (Greasy Bob) & Judy Huber started the restaurant, but four generations of the Huber family have worked in the restaurant over the last 50 years. 

The Pizza Kwik Food Truck is a joint venture of Dana Huber-Plummer and Sam Plummer, the Huber's daughter and grandson.  The truck is a full service pizzeria on wheels. The Plummer's purchased it in Denver because of the ovens and its similarity to the original Pizza Kwik design.  The truck will serve the Jefferson City Area as well as surrounding towns and special events thrown in!  You will see the Pizza Kwik Food Truck open for lunch, dinner and even late night pizza cravings!  Follow our Facebook page for realtime updates as well as our calendar page here.      

We are honored to carry on the Pizza Kwik tradition of food, family, fun and community.  Thank you for your support.

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